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Thanking Ayman Hariri (Vero)

In an effort to find new ways to for free and legit gain more WLTOP users I found a social media app called “Vero”.

Based on what I read it has a no advertisement, and or datamining structure, protecting the users from any similarity upon topic such as a burden.

The reason why I am so attracted to the app is not because of its lack of advertisements, advertisements are slowly becoming more appreciate by me, especially the ones on mobile as I like them.

What is causing me to write about Vero is my total pleasure of its potential.

I started a WLTOP profile on Vero and it is beautiful.

They let us refer books, apps, video games, and much, much more to our fans, and it is efficiently organized.

Looking at the profile I just started about an hour or 2 ago it is very stylish and attractive visually, and the shared information is so simple and pleasant.

I expect Vero to grow into a great toy for us of the internet, and hopefully WLTOP will be a family fun success with them.

The starter of Vero is Ayman Hariri and it seems he largely funded it himself I wanted to give a big We Love The Oldest Parents thank you to him for making such a useful and enjoyable toy and or tool that we can share our support, love, and friendship with.

Another newish great app I expect great things to happen with is the Band app, which like Vero is a social media app but is focused on groups similar to the way Facebook Groups functions.

I just recently got our Band group page fixed up (I started 1 a year ago but never quite learned how to do things on it effectively).

I sent the Band App support team a message asking for help on how to size the WLTOP group cover art, and once I get that fixed and our new Band profile is ready I will also share about that.

The WLTOP Vero profile, and the WLTOP Band profile will soon be added to our “Social Links” menu.

Expect some updates on these topics.

For now, I am going to hop back onto Vero and add fun and loving stuff to the WLTOP Vero profile, while waiting on the Band support staff email reply.

❤ A Joke: Why Is Microwave Pizza Easy?
It Doesnt Take Long To Melt The Cheesey ❤

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