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The To Do List (And Updates)

Hello siblings, thanks for peeking in Oldest Parents, and welcome to all our family.

I made a few noticeably big changes to our clubs web site.

All the pages in the social menu were deleted and replaced with direct links in their place that will upon a click, take you to the social media platform you choose. Previously a click would bring you to a page on our site giving a short description, but this new method saves space and gets you there quicker, saving frustration.

I added Vero and Band social media links into the cleaned up Social menu.

I am still pinching in little effort by effort into the new WLTOP Vero profile page, filling it with enjoyable goodness.

The WLTOP Band page if you visit it, is still unfinished, its on my next step of the to do list but I need help from Band support staff and am waiting on their email before I start fixing the WLTOP Band profile.

So for a while I will be learning how to use Vero and Band and I will be improving the profiles there steadily.

We do want members and popularity, more of us saying “Yay Oldest Parents” the better, yes? So if you want to send a friends request on these new additions or our older social media sites please do.

I had difficulties embracing the Spotify apps URL and profile system so I did remove it from the list and also its button under the WLTOP Angel, I like Spotify for use but for social media styling its difficult and I think I will check on its updates in the future to see if its simpler. We still have our WLTOP Sound Cloud profile to share music with, and that is also on the to do list.

I will soon be trying to update and improve our Sound Cloud profile and music list.

Honestly I had kind of forgotten about our music playlist suggestions, I got distracted and lost memory to update it.

The Social menu has a “Social” page still, if you click directly in our menu where it says “Social” instead of on one of its sub items it will bring you to a page saying WLTOP is on multiple social medias and to please enjoy participating so our ancestors know we love them.

Today a fan of the Oldest liked an old Prayer Backgrounds post, so that gave me the hint that I still need to add more prayer backgrounds.

Keeping that on our list, I know, they are cute, cuddly, loving, and generally awesome.

So that’s what WLTOP has got going on.

Expect some of these things to happen between tonight and a week.

❀ πŸ™‚ A Joke: Why are Vero and Band 2 new great additions?
4 letter names are code for “Cool” πŸ™‚ ❀

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