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A Prayer (Success)

I am very thankful at this moment.

I spoke yesterday of my math study upon the topic of 90% as a limit, and was having difficulty of finding 1/7th of 90.

I solved the formula and will give a short demo on it, find the new opened topic on both our Deviant Art Profile, and our Pinterest. (Below Math Is A Thank You Prayer)

Cool huh? I’m a smart Mather. Especially with help.

Dear Oldest Parents,

I am having a lot of fun,

Its thanks to your family,

The cheer me up when Im sad,

They make me happy when im excited,

They are what I consider a quality of best friends,

I wanted to say since I am appreciative,

Thank you for Creating my Siblings, your descendants,

Also Creator, Thank you for Creating me, because that put contributed in making me have family.

Lots of emotions for this family, lots of future,

Oldest Parents, you truly are, best friend family makers.

Alrighty my siblings (Or Sibs to be cool), I am feeling excited to have gotten something study learned, I think I am going to hop off for a bit and I am not sure what update is next, maybe I will try and grow some of our social media by making friends, or possibly trying to add some new audio book, maybe tonight.

❤ Have a great night, Much Love ❤

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