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Made A Mostly Fixed Chart (Fun Learning)

Okay so I was still trying to solve the math equation and I am reaching a bit of a blank.

I kind of estimate to solve it I am going to have to draw it on paper instead of using a 1.0 = 1 calculator or by trying to type it down on my note pad.

1/7th of 90 is the difficult one for me because I have been doing things on a 1/100 scale for years.

I will try and finish solving it later, but for now I will post the charts with everything fixed and solved except for the 1/7th which I will try to do later. Click Photos to Enlarge.

I am not sure how much you enjoy math but it’s a part of art, being geometry and such, so I do hope our viewers will have some fun with me in considering this puzzle.

I will update the art charts on our Deviant Art and Pinterest in case you want to follow this puzzle, also to not have confusion due to errors.

I will get back to the religion topics soon.

❤ Keeping You in Prayers Family ❤

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