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New Math Chart (Fun Learning) (Edited 3 Times)

(Edit: Notice the P.S. at the bottom for helpful knowledge)
I am studying the idea of 90% being a full amount limit as opposed to 100% being a full amount limit.

I made a new math chart to show you, and I have 3 old ones I will post with it.

Here is the new one.

The reason I am so interested in becoming smarter upon the topic is because a fraction out of 90% will always be a real and possible fraction number, however for 100% it is not true.

For 100% 1/3 of it is 33.33endlessly.

For people who love eternity and the study of immortality it is easy to enjoy that kind of math, but it gets confused with actual possibility of numbers.

Numbers were designed to measure, and a broken number cannot be used to measure properly, the resulting measurement will lead to failure.

The theory is, building technology, or even a money system, upon the 100% limit, causes a slow stress, for example, do it on a computer processor and it causes extra heat.

Thats the theory, I kinda was hoping I could prove this, so I will study it more.

If you liked the above chart take a look at 3 older ones I made.

I uploaded the new chart to our Deviant Art and Pinterest for viewing, I will try to make a section on our Deviant Art for a grouping of art upon this topic.

P.S. 1/3 of 10 in 90% is 3.3% because 1/3 of 9 is 3 and 1/3 of 1/9 is .3 That is because with 90% as a limit, .9 is the same as 1
(P.S.S. The 1/7th 1/8th and 1/4th was done on a 1.0 calculator not a .9 calculator so I need to in the future update accuracy)
(P.S.S.S. I’m redoing 1/4th 1/7th and 1/8th on a proper .9 scale, I finished with 1/4th it is 22.45 or 22.45% and 1/8th is 11.2245 or 11.2245%, I still haven’t finished calculating 1/7th, it is the most difficult, when I am done redoing these 3 old charts that were notes on the study, I will post the accurate and tested charts, for now, just peek at them for fun, or even if you’re bored, see if you can find 1/7th of 90% using a .9 =1 instead of 1.0 = 1)

❤ Have a great day everyone, updates soon, hopefully ❤

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