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New Prayer Art Available (Updates)

Okay before I get to your gift goodies let me tell you the updates to our menu.

Canaanism (The Worship of El) has been added to our prayer backgrounds menu.

Christianity, Judaism, Canaanism, and Yodh He Waw He Prayer Backgrounds in the menu have all been merged as the religions shares origins and beliefs, mostly simply each having a different name for the Creator.

To access those prayer backgrounds, in the prayers menu you will see christianity, if you go into its sub menu you will find the other similar religions.

Sufism has been merged in a same way with Islam prayer backgrounds, now the two religions are together in the menu, as main religion, and sub religion.

Okay on to the goodies.

I made 2 new art sets of prayer backgrounds.

One is called the “I Love My Oldest Parents” art set, the other is called the “My Oldest Parents Love Me Eternally” art set.

As an “Art Set” There is 2 new pictures available in each religion’s prayer menu.

The text on each new added prayer background is the same except for each religion has its own religious title on the prayer background, differentiating each individual art of the 2 art sets from each other. Here below are examples.

First up, the Cell Phone Desktop Background Examples.

Next we have the Desktop Backgrounds.

As you can see each individual art has its religions name sharing the same message.

I hope you enjoy the easibility changes to our menu, as well as the new prayer art for each religion.

❤ Have a great night, More fun stuff soon ❤

P.S. I added two new videos to our YouTube channel under the art style topic, they are videos about geometry math for art, and the 90% as a limit study. Enjoy.

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