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The Island of Fate (Fan Fiction)

(This is a story based upon fantasy, and desire to entertain, enjoy it, take it as you will).

There was a man who lived alone in a hunger free land.

He had at his use, the waters, and the mind.

He made his land to be firm, yet soft.

He did not drink from thirst, as he was healthy.

He did not eat from hunger, as he had never known it.

His only friend and companion was a house.

It was what we would consider to be an ancestor to our own trees.

However this tree was as much a friend as it was a tool.

The man when using a fruit of it, could change the future.

Each fruit was not the same to its partner as are our trees.

Instead, each fruit of this tree was unique, and had a specific purpose.

It was as we would say, one tree with many fruits, none of which, were the same.

The man would know how the fate of mortal men was changing with their interactions with each other, and it was the mans desire to always protect them from a ending doom, wishing to always make sure, they were kept alive enough so, that with the help of the after life, and the process of being reborn again, they would continue living, free to improve, invest, and enjoy what they had made.

There were 50 fruits upon the tree at health, and if 1 were used, or eaten, it would start growing back, from a recycling, starting, inside the man, and back to the tree.

Using the fruit was temporary, the magical fruit would be restored, but while the man was using it, he could help his distant family, and then the helpful and friendly tool would be restored to its place, preserving a ideal storage of capability to aid the younger living.

To know just what kind of tree this was, or why it had no same fruits, or maybe to know the basic utility of such a thing, we can learn from their descriptions.

1 fruit, favored for its appearance, was called the “Please Fruit”.

With this fruit the man could sympathize with the history of the distant family and consider what would make them happy, when he studied the situation using the magical fruit, he would send his will of pleasant satisfaction as possibilities to those in the far off land.

Then the saddened ones would sometimes meet a loved but far from recent friend at a local gathering, or find the sweetest fruit on a branch, or even meet another unknown person who became a best friend and a good fit.

It was in those ways and similarly that the man of the island of fate used his tree to help the sad of his family meet with a pleasant fate.

Another fruit was the “Fruit of Blanket”.

This fruit as all of them, were used for the sake of keeping the family, alive, safe, happy, and wealthy, this fruit, helped the man on the island of fate give comforting fates to the distant family, such as a harvest of cotton being easy to manage and gentle to the wearer.

It has also been rumored the “Fruit of Blanket” helped the man of the island of fate to reweave the worried family members nightmares into heroic dreams where the distant family would succeed over the challenge they would encounter in that sleep and end the dream with self victory.

But of the 50 fruits the man used to connect his help to the distance, one he noticed the family benefited most from.

That is “The fruit of love”.

The man when using this fruit, would give the tree a hug, and the leaves would glow.

The glow would travel from the leaves to the “Fruit of Love” and the man would look through it.

With this method, he was able to see of all the many family members in the distant land, and find the story of whom ever it was at that time needed love more than anyone.

The man of the island of fate would then cup the fruit in his hands and blow on it, and the glow would travel from the fruit through a mirror that would then wait for the love needing person in the next mirror they would use so that when using that mirror, the love glow would exit the mirror, and enter the embrace of the man or woman who was lonely.

They would then have the courage and emotion to accept love from a honest source, and with their new found happiness, they supported others, multiplying the benefit of the whole family.

The story has many chapters, and some wish to know the name of the man of the island of fates name, or possibly why he seems to live only so basically for himself, but to constantly put effort into aiding others.

The man said when asking himself the same question.

“What is the name of the man of the island of fate?”

His answer was, “Family”.

The trees name is “Heaven”.

Why though is it called the island of fate?

Because it was for family, that heaven, and a tree, made sure everyone ate.

(This fan fiction is dedicated to everyone who is, was, and will be, a part of our all family, and veganism,
We give thanks to our crop growers, those who do good deeds, and the inventor of trees (and or plants)),

❤ I hope you enjoyed the family quality story,
want to hear a joke? ❤

❤ What is the Oldest Magic?
Some call it free will,
They probably decided that 🙂 ❤

❤ Kinda one of those cosmic jokes,
if you need to meditate and rethink on that joke, feel free,
it’s a deep thinker ❤

An old legend says, when people considered boundaries, and if fate decided their own decisions, they asked how to not be limited by such a thing, and the answer was, that it is a part of every life to be able to mold their own fate, they most of the time, are not even aware they are doing it, because they have become so skilled at changing tomorrow, that they do not notice the same day.

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