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WLTOP Your Sound Cloud Friend (Updates)

Well I had totally for a few months lost memory to do something I was very excited to dive into.

I organized us a sound cloud profile with some music months ago, and was planning to add a lot of fun music to get us into the emotion fitting We Love The Oldest Parents.

Today I have finally started improving the WLTOP Sound Cloud channel.

Added to it already today was

Near 1500 Meditation Songs
Near 900 Nintendo Songs
Near 900 Final Fantasy Songs
Near 600 Anime Songs (Studio Ghibli)
Near 500 Nature Songs

I will be updating the WLTOP Profile occasionally with good attitude music to get us in the family appreciation spirit, it will be good for cheering up and spending time listening to something fun.

To view the WLTOP Sound Cloud profile it is the Cloud Button under the WLTOP Angel, or you can also find a link to it in our menu under “Social”.

To make it easy for you, I will post a direct link to it also below.

Click Here To Listen To Music With A WLTOP Attitude On Sound Cloud

If you have or make a Sound Cloud account, if it pleases you, send some love to our Oldest with us by following the WLTOP Sound Cloud Profile.

❤ A Joke: Why Do Hippos Like Music?
Dancing Is All In The Hips ❤

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