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The Universal Basic Income Talk

Give Directly has organized recently a funding plan to support 650 people in Georgia, specifically all women, and all of black color.

The reasoning given for this in short form is that in their area, with their gender, and their situation, they are some of the most needy for this help.

Does this effect you though?

Well it can, because with each voice we share to another, ideas, ideas that can change by teaming together with each other, and deciding to change what we are currently doing to something improved.

This fund is very similar to a small group universal basic income. Let me show you a quote from the Give Directly website.

What is the difference between a Universal Basic Income and a Guaranteed Income?

A universal basic income (UBI) is regular cash assistance given to an entire population that provides for a subsistence level of money. For example, GiveDirectly’s UBI study in Kenya provides entire rural villages with monthly payments of ~$25. A guaranteed income is regular cash assistance that is not universal, but targeted at a particular demographic or income level, like this project. Although we are aiming to support a large number of families with significant income stabilization, we also recognize our cash disbursements may not be large enough to fully cover every family’s basic needs.

As you can see this planned helping of some of our world wide family is a near universal basic income similarity.

So what would we describe universal basic income as?

Its based upon need, and what we as everyone in a family all together deserve.

Things we need and deserve based upon our ancestors inheritance desires for each creation brought into their family are, below,

Food/Water, Safety (Housing), Toilet, Bath/Shower, Health.

Those things are simple requirements to even normally continue improving the Creators home and our own personal parts of it, also to invest in ourselves, each other, and the whole family.

The idea of a universal basic income would be to supply all those needs to the whole family.

Does our Creator support such a cause?

Well, rain is always a good example.

Our Creator rains upon the previously invented food sources such as plants.

Our Creator is doing their part to offer the needs be met in his part, and we are given our parts to also contribute in.

So is universal income possible?

The first step I see needed involving in it, is to make enough seed planting of crops in farms and wild areas.

If large land is owned by government, whom the ancestors have structured partnership with, it is quite a benefit to plant fruit tree seeds on such land.

If we could solve first the step to have more than enough fruits and vegetables available to feed us with no necessity for meat, I believe that is the first step, and how to obtain universal basic income.

Let us not forget, animals, by definition, are a part of our “Universe”.

I am very much so interested in having a universal basic income as a given for everyone.

For it to succeed, were going to need planning from the leaders of our family.

With cars, planes, and trains, comes the fix for an old problem.

The traveling of food seeds.

If our government wants a good idea.

To collect seeds that citizens remove from their food, and then give them to be planted, such as for example an avocado seed.

It will be a large seed and large tree that can survive healthily on Creator given rain, in large open land, and it is also easy for those living and eating in their homes to remove the seeds and donate them to the cause.

Avacados are good vegan substitutes for mayonnaise, butter, dressings and sauces can be made with them, they are good raw, they pair well with breads, and have many vegan recipe uses. They are rich in health giving, and the food part of them is very dense and compact, eating one of them can stop hunger quite efficiently due to that.

If you would like to learn more about the Georgia, Give Directly plan to support 650 family members with a monthly basic income to cover their needs, I will post the link below.

Click Here To Learn More About Georgia Give Directly

I am hopeful for a future where our all family has less worries.

A Universal Basic Income seems like an allowance from ancestors in a way.

The Georgia Give Directly fund is a step in the good attitude of allowing such a thing to be possible.

Congratulations to the Georgian women who are being given this help, as family of our Creator, I (and or we) believe you deserve it.

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