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A Taoism Art Set

Good morning.

I am happy to say that a art set I made last night got quite a good amount of attention on our Deviant Art page.

Enough attention, and also that I myself enjoy this art set, I have decided to post it here for us.

This art set is titled “The Old Tale Of Nature Collage”.

I made it using the WLTOP kaleidoscope and mirror image art style using image editor for phone.

I took a nature photo off google and sphered and offset it, and also kaleidoscoped it.

In the art set you can see a Taoism Representation of the Sun, not only as the white light it appears as but also showing its dualist dark form.

Another zoomin of it shows a mossy faced cartoon man.

Let me show you the pictures below, click to enlarge. Zoomins are first. Thats a hand reaching through the sun (It also looks a bit like a plant because the greenish tint), meant to represent the hand of the cartoon man in the other picture.

Well I am eating some cheese cake and I have been at video games all night so I think I will reward myself with some rest now.

I hope you enjoy the art set, its saved to our deviant art, and pinterest. (Deviant art has the kaleidoscope in I estimate a higher resolution than the pinterest).

Have a good morning everyone, I will update with some cool stuff soon, maybe next a prayer.

❤ A Joke: Why do rocks like moss?
All the chia pets were boasting how good they look and regular rocks wanted to keep rocking a cool attitude ❤

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