Fun, Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

What Jesus Taught Most

The bible is a bit of sadness wrapped in hope.

It focuses on family, but not so cozy and pleasant constantly.

It is a way to learn, but it is powerful, and the joiner of the story must be easy upon themself, because the story itself, is hard on the reader.

In Genesis we learned the Creator is a protector and teacher.

In the listings of descendantry in the book, we learned family is important to us.

Revelations is very doomy for some, and offers to reward the few.

But just what do we need to remember when passing through the New Testament and finishing at revelations?

That is, that Jesus taught something very important, that he learned from our Oldest Parent.

Jesuses most important teaching was to not abandon family.

He said why do you abandon me ancestor in his moments of wishing to be saved by the person he loved and believed would always protect and also love him.

As a descendant of the Creator, we know as all of us, Jesus very much loved the Oldest.

So, to be in so much of a difficulty as he was in, we notice a very important, and also common emotion, that we, as family, all have.

That is to trust each other.

We were welcomed into this life, and this home, by our Oldest.

We creations always consider the Oldest to be our best friend, it is no secret.

So, all I have to suggest here, a learning from my growing up as a Christian, was that we try to keep memory and note to not abandon the family we are supposed to love.

It’s what Jesus wanted, he provided some of that for us.

Family does good deeds for each other, big and small.

I am leaving a note here with us, that as family, let us try to not hate, and let us try to love.

Jesus taught those things, he learned them from his ancestry, and siblings.

These things are my favorite parts of Christianity.

The healing is a good part of the story, but with that we can even get from our Oldest.

The communication that Jesus made of needing the Creator, well, it seems to be something for all of us.

Peace, wealth, and prosperity, for all the Oldest’s family.

Because we are loved.

❤ Fun Notes: The Holy Bible is called that in English,
its story of Heaven and Earth is said to have originated as a Canaan story of Heaven and Earth, where the Creators name was El,
Bible is pronounced Bye bah El,
in the story, Sheep are considered to be peaceful
Hell is pronounced He El,
And Our Lords name is Yodh He Waw He
The He is being similar to saying “Him El” or “Him Yodh”,
That is where the nickname “Elohim” comes from,
And originally there was no place of “Hell” torment, Hell though spelled wrong, meant “He is El, or Him is El”.
The stories of an abyss mixed with definition of imprisonment is how it became slanged,
As you see these references, Canaanism, Judaism, and Christianity are connected ❤

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