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A Monk And Valentines Day

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Okay now to tell you a bit about myself and post a picture for you to see the WLTOP ring I ordered. If you like my story, feel free to cheer me on with likes and comments, much love siblings.

So throughout my aging I have been religious and also loving, romantically too, and I tried to please our Creator with a situation of wanting to get married and have children that I could co teach with a wife, invest in, and in doing that, make our Oldest Parents proud.

I have 2 kids but we are seperated and I have not ever achieved fulfilling marriage through the law, government, or church.

After I have failed in too many relationships with a desire for love in my own shallow ways, I finally decided to dive in all to religion and just say that my failures are not good enough for me and I should succeed, but how?

So my plan is to wait until I am able to have any situation of communication with our Creator, and request my Creator Intended Marital Partner as a marriage.

What is that?

Well in the Old Days, family member 1 (Our Creator) married family member 2 (The First Creation) and before sin, 3 would marry 4, 5 would marry 6, etc.

That story is long and in the 10 commandments traces of what happened are still found along with the verse to not fornicate.

So in my effort to love this family properly and succeed at a permanent marriage, I am going to make an effort to meet with the Creator (Our Oldest) and request the help of having a proper marriage.

Basically, I am a Monk of We Love The Oldest Parents.

For anyone who knows me I had a wild growing up so they may find it funny that I am avoiding dating.

The goal here is, that I am buying this ring as a token to the plan, basically to share the concept with whoever it is the Creator originally had planned for me to marry.

Let me show you the ring, it is a wedding band, and along with meaning to honor whoever the Creator would pair me with, its also intended to honor our Oldest at the same time. Click to enlarge.

As I mentioned Forever Gifts has very proper prices.

This Tungsten Ring is made of 2nd to Diamond indestructability.

As you can see I am getting it engraved inside and out with a message that says “We Love The Oldest Parents”.

I had planned originally to get a rainbow one, but paused the order, reviewed all the rings and this one is stronger material for a similar price, I do love rainbows though 🙂

Now I guess in this situation we might be asking each other, does one wait so long that they make the request in the afterlife to the Creator, well honestly, I do not know how long its going to take to do such a effort properly, but I am starting on it, and plan to pursue solving the problem.

Will one of our favorite family members, The Lord, help me?

Only with waiting will we know and thats the fun part, because if you read this, I got a feeling since were all the Creators family, eventually, somehow, you will also know if I succeeded or not.

So if it takes as long as till im a soul, I dont know, but if we do get that far, ask me in the afterlife if I succeeded.

Much love.

❤ A Joke:
What did the Monk Say to The Monkey?
The Jungles difficult my monkey friend,
but marriage is like a jungle,
lots of paths, none easy
The Monkey Said “Now you got the key friend”.

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