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What does a Father promise?

Family as we are has parents and descendants.

The LORD of the Christian and Jewish religion gives many awesome biblical mementos to those who love him.

I in studying the religions found one verse that I am excited by.

Genesis holds great weight, and the other parts of the bible are also very thrilling.

But what I am most eager for, is to learn the answer to a promise in the bible and tanakh our heavenly ancestor made to us.

In the book we find the verse “For I know the plans I have to prosper you, not to harm you”.

For that promise to us LORD, I will make you a promise.

I will always consider us best friends.

I have for a long time, done this, and more so even when I for the first time heard those words from you.

So cheers to family, cheers to the 10 commandments, and cheers to a good promise from you.

I know your heart was in the loving attitude when you decided to offer such a thing.

WLTOP will always have a special place for your honor LORD, heck, talking about how charismatic you are is a portion of what we do here.

I hope you like it.

To my siblings, are you also curious what good plans our ancestor has in effort for us that he has not yet revealed?

Well I expect we will appreciate it.

Good luck to us, and, since this is life, and we have got to do something, let’s have fun.

❤ Peace and Love ❤

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