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My Monk Ring Arrived Today

Oh I am so excited.

Today I finally got my monk wedding ring.

For those of you who havent heard the story, I am religously devoted to marrying my Creator intended marital partner, and am putting effort into obtaining such a marriage.

What is that?

Well in the past, family member 1 (Our Creator) married family member 2 (First Creation), 3 married 4, 5 married 6, etc.

Then sin happened, and we are left with the 10 commandments hinting of the story with its verse to not fornicate.

I am interested in seeking the LORD’s help to obtain a proper Non fornication marriage.

So it is both a monk ring, and a wedding ring.

Let me show you pictures, then I wanna give a big thanks. Click to enlarge

USPS delivered it efficiently and to my satisfaction, they were like ring bearers and best friends. which is whom I bought the ring from gave me a fair price and did awesome at helping me.

Thank you dearly from my loving emotions those of you that help me with this and or support it, I truly consider us best friends.

Just a fun fact, the ring is made of Tungsten Carbide which is the 2nd hardest material, diamond being the first, so this should last in good quality.

Hope everyone is having a good night.

(P.S. I have got a big surprise for video game fans that I will share with our WLTOP club once I get a bit further with it, maybe tommorrow.)

❤ Much Love, Best Friends Forever ❤

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