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What is OOPTOFS?

OOP:TOFS is short for “Our Oldest Parents: The One Family Story”.

In my free time as a hobby I have started making a free mobile rpg “OOP:TOFS”.

Look at below screenshots. Click to enlarge.

I am using the program “RPG Maker MV” as the tool, and I have a friend “Companion Wulf” of the “RPG Maker Times” group helping me with javascript coding plugins.

I grew up toying with RPG Maker XP and never got far with it, but learned a lot.

RPG Maker MV is much easier for me, has improved features, and much more content to our needs.

I added a new page in our sites menu that is under construction for the game, you can go to it to read the story of the game and learn more about it, link below, and also in our menu.

Click Here To Go To The OOPTOFS Page

The game will be free to play, no advertisements, and no cash shop.

A short description is, 4 youths, 2 brothers and 2 sisters, travel Earth, visiting the shrines of each popular religion, trying to keep the wisdom that is valuable for each, in an effort to help save the family, and learn more about their Creator, and First Creation.

Its realistic religious learnings, mixed with a fantasy setting of battles and magic.

If you want to stay up to date on the progress of making the game, I will be posting here occasionally cheer of it, and also on our Deviant Art there is a gallery for the game, specifically meant to occasionally have new screenshots of the game’s development added to it. That is you can check there or watch our Deviant Art to receive a notification each time a new screenshot sneak peek of the game is added to the gallery.

As the development adds new content to the game and or features, I will add pictures of it to the gallery.

It is my desire to make this game, family friendly, high quality, fun, and completely a free contribution to all of us.

Thats about all I have got for now, have a great weekend family, much love.

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