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Giving The Gift Of OOPTOFS

Recently I talked about my new hobby.

Being disabled I have free time available and I wanted to do something nice for the family and contribute.

So I did a bit of study on the topic of my old favorite game making tool RPG Maker and learned that they have a nice new (New to me, I used RPG Maker XP) version of the tool called RPG Maker MV.

After seeing how amazing and simple the tool is I decided to use it to create a free video game.

OOP:TOFS means “Our Oldest Parents: The One Family Story”.

The game is a religous fantasy adventure RPG focused on a search for the Creator, visiting the shrines of each popular religion, trying to learn the truth, and in doing so, end the chaos that is bringing violence to the world.

I was going to only release it on mobile google play, but after learning more about it and our availabilities, I have decided to start with a PC version and try to later adapt it as also a mobile RPG, that is because with the tool, it is more difficult to make it a mobile game than it is a PC game.

So with that comes updates.

I added a new page in our menu for the game, which has info and sneak peeks about it.

I also started a Facebook Page and Twitter for the game to list updates on progress, and when the game is released, to be a fan base.

Let me show you some screenshots of the development.

This is a very early status of the game, it will be updated many times and improve its content and quality.

It is expected to have 8 different classes, and a exp gain system where you gain exp based upon the actions you choose in battle, allowing you to gain a level DURING battle instead of at the end of a battle.

If you wanna learn more you can visit the games profile on Game Jolt, you can even listen to some of the games music there.

Click Here To View OOPTOFS On Game Jolt

On our websites main blog page you can now find a OOPTOFS facebook page and twitter page widgets.

If you like video games, please consider liking the games facebook page, and if you wanna know about updates to the games progress, follow the twitter.

I hope your going to have a great week family.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love ❤

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