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A Busy Prayer

Hello family, I apologize for being away such a week or two, however I have kept busy designing our in development free video game Our Oldest Parents: The One Family Story.

I am actually even involved with it today, so I will do two things here.

Provide a sneak peek at the games progress and make a prayer to our Oldest.

First the Prayer.

Dear Oldest Parents,

Our family is always making efforts to go above and beyond for the sake of those they love.

They are honest workers, and they deserve more often rest.

Is there anything you can do to help our family to not be exhausted?

Love shouldn’t become labor; it’s supposed to be fun.

Please ancestors, if we need the LORD’s release from the Bible and Tanakh implemented, or any other good fix so our family can have more free time, they deserve it.

I know you love them.

Thank You.

Alright family, I hope you enjoyed the prayer.

Want to see how the game is progressing?

I finished the beginning to the game, the intro is done, starter town done, and the first shrine of the adventure is complete, next I will be designing the 2nd area, town, and shrine.

Here are some screenshots.

There are more screenshots and progress reports on our deviant art, game jolt, and

Here are the links to those.

Click Here For OOPTOFS On Deviant Art

Click Here For OOPTOFS On Game Jolt

Click Here For OOPTOFS ON

Click Here For The OOPTOFS Facebook Page

I am making this game completely focused on the benefit of the players, I am feeling confident it will be very enjoyable, and hey, it will be free and no advertisements in game.

So yeah, can’t really do too bad that way, yes?

❤ Have A Great Week Siblings and Ancestors ❤

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