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Happy Valentines Day (2022)

Hey Siblings and Oldest, happy valentines day.

On this holiday I wish our family lots of love, and good attitude.

We seek love, and it is a miracle to have.

It is quite friendly, that in every religion I have learned from, love is a part of all those religions.

I will keep the post today a bit short, as I know you are busy and want to enjoy the holiday, but I have got two notes to leave.

First is, I am doing a lot of editing of the game I am trying to make as a free time hobby, so I have been and will be busy for a few weeks.

Next is, I being single this valentines day, decided to make a digital valentines day card for some of our ancestors.

I chose to make one for the LORD and his marriage, in all of my thoughts, I estimated he was a good choice to try and bring cheer to.

Here it is, click to enlarge.

It is “Crystal Clear” to me, that he is a good family member.

Have a great valentines day everyone.

❤ Thanks For Reading ❤

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