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Free Art and Check In

I mentioned in some of the last postings that I have allocated some of my free time for a new hobby, which is attempting to make a free RPG video game using RPG Maker MV.

I used the RPG Maker brand as a kid and even played a lot of games from other people who use it, well, I am hoping to have some success at offering my own.

It has taken up quite a bit of my time these last couple weeks, not only have I been making maps and locations for the game, I have also been focused on trying to develop the story, and it requires a lot of thinking, which sounds easy, but it hasnt been.

The game “Our Oldest Parents: The One Family Story” also known as OOP:TOFS, is a bridge of WLTOP, it shares the idea, but in video game entertainment form.

It is meant to be both educational and fun.

A short description of the story is 4 youths a brother and sister, and another brother and sister, in total having 4 different direct parents, 2 for each group, travel Earth learning about different religions with the goal to find the Creator and beg for help in ending the danger and chaos that has become a part of every day life.

The 4 youths must survive the wilderness to make pilgrimage to each shrine, and along the way, learn that since all 4 have the Creator as an ancestor, they are all, mutual siblings.

It is a fantasy adventure largely focusing on action, love, learning, and choice.

The plan is to have 8 different classes available to choose from, and the player names the 4 youths, and in doing so, can imagine they are one of the characters.

I have been doing a lot of editing in the game and managing RPG Maker MV Plugins, which are prebuilt codes that change the game, in an improving way.

The goal is to finish the story line this month, and next month balance the combat content, and also make any plugin changes to adapt.

I am hoping for the game to be finished around April.

That is if all the balancing changes and plugin modifications don’t happen with errors.

So as a sort of apology for our WLTOP not having much new posts done recently I have prepared some free art that can be used as cell phone desktop backgrounds.

I would also like to say “Big Thank You” to all the family that has gathered its efforts to be supportive of our cause, which is to cheer each other up, and to lovingly care, the people who have contributed, thank you for joining in, it is truly encouraging.

Here is the free cell phone background art, click to enlarge.

A black and white as well as a multi color, I think it’s a good mix.

I made both of these wall papers using the same starting image, a video game screenshot of myself playing “Everybody RPG: Returns”, a smart phone RPG video game that I do quite enjoy and favor.

I will try to keep connected to our blog here, these posts and such, even during how busy I am with OOP:TOFS.

I also want to proofread some of our menus pages, and reorganize them in a beneficial way, so that is on the to do list but it could be a little while, for now it seems helpful enough, visually I will later try to make improvements to it.

Thats about all for now, if you want a peek at the games progress link is below.

Click Here To Visit OOP:TOFS On Game Jolt

Have a great weekend family, and to our LORD, I am holding on to your promise to prosper us, it is comforting during difficult moments.

❤ The Oldest Parents Love You, Yes You ❤

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