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A Prayer To The Oldest

Hello dear family,

I hope you’re having a good week.

I have got an idea for a prayer to share, and I would enjoy making it here to benefit us.

There is a lot of good that happens with our family, and for that we are thankful.

The Oldest Parents by words refers to our Creator and First Creation.

But our Creator designed these words to be special.

If we say we love our Oldest Parents, if we say we love our Creator, it carries multiple meanings.

For an example, if Adam were on Earth, and God in Heaven, for us down here on Earth, in the words, Adam would be the “Local” Oldest Parent.

Or another example, if we consider God as the Oldest Parent, what if we ever come to a time where we learn of someone higher age?

It is not so strange to know and or learn that our Creator themself sought higher age family, even before the First Creation was Created.

So, with the languages that the Creator fashioned, “Oldest Parents” is special, it can mean locally, by category, by known, or by unknown.

For example, having a Father and Mother, if the Mother is Older, then the Mother is the Oldest Parent, of the two.

So even if we at these moments know of who we consider our “Oldest Parents”, our Creator left in language, open the possibility to welcome unknown family, who if found, would be known.

Now I know this is a bit unordinary of conversation for us, however it was and still is, very emotionally important to our Creator.

It is said everything began from Nothing, but still many or all of us, seek more answers, and some or all of us, even hope, to find life, especially if it is peaceful.

So since we all have had a lot of stress lately I am going to offer this prayer.

Dear Oldest Parents,

It is true we are now a large grouped family,

That was not always the counted number,

We know dear Creator you love us, and as so, decided to create us,

But truly to a Creation, being Created, almost feels like being saved,

Being welcomed here by you and others, along with love,

We are truly thankful, and wish to respect your ways,

Each and every one of your child’s, your descendants, loves you,

You are the most successful person we know, and it is truly enjoyable to consider those successes,

You bring us fun, you bring us safety, you bring us friendship,

With worship, love, and passion, we consider ways to repay you, not because of a debt number, but because we believe you deserve it,

So dear Creator, we know our family is growing, and it is thanks to you, someone who was alone,

It does quite seem to be that you are luck wealthy, if we can trust luck exists, it seems you are blessed with it,

We are so glad you were able to make us your family,

Cheers to you, and our other role model, the First Creation.

Well family, I hope you enjoyed the prayer.

We spend a lot of time here on Earth cheering each other up and as its said, lending a hand, we all it seems, wish to spend more time with our Creator, but truth is, by being in this family, and caring about each other, we are emotionally very close.

Along with this prayer, I will say, siblings, remember, our Oldest Parents love you, and we are all one family.

❤ Have a great day everyone ❤

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