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Impossibility To Reach It

I just saw an advertisement on google play about “Unforgiveable Sin”.

It was suggesting that God forgives his believers and they have not committed it.

A fact is, sin itself is possible, such as disobeying the 10 commandments, but unforgiveable? No.

The Creator, and First Creation, our Oldest Parents, are the most sympathetic, and loving people in our family.

Our Creator, the Oldest Parent, invented the structures for our languages, and taught us what we know.

This fact is, that if anything could ever have been done “Unforgiveable” we do not have the opportunity to do such a thing, because our Creator would not have added that possibility to inventions such as language, or relationship.

Let me give you an example.

If the Creator did not want something to happen, our Creator could not add it into the teachings given to us, our Creator could block it from happening, our Creator could even give us the opposite path to follow.

This is all a bit complex so I will simplify it, the Oldest Parents love you, and any wrong you do, they will accept your apology, when you apologize to them.

They love you, and know you love them too.

If you are ever bothered by something wrong you have done, apologizing to them in prayer can make you happy compared to sad for having done wrong.

Trust that they love you and will accept your apologies.

Try to obey the 10 commandments, and be good.

Have fun, be fun, love and enjoy.

Just remember, you’re their kid, chances are you’re a rounded 1% the age of the Creator, and that means yes in fact, you are their child.

If you have any kids of your own, I am sure you have noticed, parents tend to be a bit gentler of judgement upon their children when they are young, our Oldest Parents view me and you as that age situation, so young, how can all things be expected of us.

Two things about this are, the ancestors give us the 10 commandments to obey, so everyone can be happy. This place was our Creators home first and as such, it would be kind to obey such a parent’s asking’s, it would be polite and fair, but if we at any point meet wrong, they will still love you.

While I am sure that preacher in the advertisement was doing a good job, I thought I would contribute some.

Have a great week family, The Oldest Parents Love You.

❤ Cheer Up, Piñatas are full of candy ❤

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