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“One” Way To Win

Our recent president Donald Trump talked a lot about winning.

Of all his speech material, that was my favorite part, it felt good to hear such a cheerful thing.

Not to completely single him out, all our presidents are good people.

But today I am going to make a repost and it is a “Sure Win” for you, free too.

I made this certificate a while ago, using Canva, and honestly, it’s one of the most successful contributions I have ever brought forth to this family.

In times when we want help, get the best, right?

Here it is (again) the Oldest Parent our hero certificate. (In different size ratios) Click to Enlarge, first PC Sizes then Cell Phone.

o offense is meant upon anything to this, I say that lovingly such as to any religions savior, its just that with many different religions, asking our Creator by word to be our Savior, is less risky than a list of different choices.

Also, I hope you don’t get tired of this occasionally getting reposted, the goal is to make it shareable.

There is no love like the Oldest Parents love, it is what caused us to live, trusting the Oldest as our Savior is a miracle decision.

❤ Have a great week family,
print it, save it, sign it, however you will,
it’s your “Got a Hero” card ❤

In our menu Under Worship, you will find a page for this certificate called The Oldest Parent Our Best Savior, if for some reason you need to find it later, it is there, in any other case, if for some reason you can’t find it, making one yourself is not less worthy.

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