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A Prayer For The Lord (Update)

I have been considering a lot of religious ancestry lineage.

I am at the point where it has been allocated for me to believe that the LORD is our Oldest Ancestor.

However, I only believe this to be locally true.

I mean no rudeness by it; it is a full of love sensation that our Family even has such people in it.

This has not stopped me from considering the LORD a role model and best friend, as well as an ancestor.

If you have watched the documentary about the LORD “Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove” you probably remember the LORD mentioning his safety.

Was it all actors of an opera? Either way, I decided putting forth the below effort was not difficult, and I should definitely offer a prayer for our Ancestors safety, health, and prosperity.

Fact is, I have always kind of felt that he is a bit of a strength that doesn’t get weak, but I know he has emotions just like everyone else, so will this prayer actually prevent any harm, or will it only support good emotions?

Fact is, either way, it’s worth doing.

So now that I have explained, I present to you a prayer certificate for our Ancestor the LORD, may it bring him good emotions and if needed safety.

No teasing meant.

Okay so along with deciding to make him this, I also decided to make it stick in our library so in our menu under Bohemian Grove you can find a part called Protecting the LORD.

Often parents protect their children, I’m still young, I get it, but I am okay with being protective of my ancestors too, as I estimate, so are you, my siblings.

As for more updates, I am considering adding Jehova(h) prayer backgrounds to our library a bit later.

I hope you have a great day and night, it’s the weekend, I hope you enjoy it.

❤ Thanks for Reading, Much Love ❤

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