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OOPTOFS Sneak Peek

I have been largely focused recently on trying to plan a good ending for the game I am making as a free time hobby.

A quick preview of the game is that 4 siblings travel Earth learning about different popular religions in their search for the Creator to request bringing peace to a chaotic world, and ending death.

The game design is doing good, it is easy to do with RPG Maker MV the tool I am using to make the game, which boasts that it is easy enough for even a child to use.

Having been stuck with writers block on a way to end the story, I finally have reached a few good notes on how to do it.

I will avoid spoiling the whole story and ending, but I do want to share a part of the end game dialogue with you as a pleasant teaser.

“Your first training is that every time it rains, be thankful to your ancestor whom you believe in, for rain does not itself, it is our ancestor who reigns.”

Sound cool?

Well I hope you enjoyed that, and the full game itself should be a lot of fun.

Heres a link to the games profile on Game Jolt, one of the free publishers where it will be available (The game will also be free, no ads, no cash shop).

Click Here For OOPTOFS On Game Jolt

Expected prerelease is possible as early as next month, that is how I will make a demo of the game, ask for suggestions and feedback, then make the good changes to the game based upon player input and my own vote, and then submit it as a finished release.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Yay Weekend ❤

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