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New Art Set (and Christianity)

Hello to everybody who is connecting here.

I am still putting effort into the free Retro RPG I am trying to make called “Our Oldest Parents: The One Family Story”, as a free time religious hobby.

Currently I am at the point where I have got about 2/3 of the story done, and am seeking help on the RPG Maker MV forums for plugin compatibility.

The free game featuring our Oldest Parents as main story plots is expected to have a unique Experience and level gain system.

Instead of how the Classic RPGs gained exp at the end of a battle, in OOP:TOFS the characters will gain exp during the battle, as they make actions, allowing a hero to level up in the middle of battle.

That plugin works fine on its own but when I merge it with another plugin that realigns the locations of the heroes to a more visually appealing location, a bug occurs, where the exp gain amount popup is hidden behind the heroes.

So, I am currently attempting to get help with those plugins being mixed, and expect within the next few days someone will possibly help me, the forum I’m seeking help on has a good rate of helping.

It is a bit “Funny” that a religious library of art and prayer such as WLTOP would host a educational video game, but the storyline is religious dedicated, honoring Creator and First Creation and as “Funny” it should be “Fun”.

Overall its a good way to connect people with entertainment amongst education.

Also it seems possible to through the game being downloaded and played, attract players to our WLTOP website where they can participate in giving and receiving love in religious form, and also to accept the free emotional support WLTOP is dedicated to offer.

Now that I have talked a bit again about the in development free game. I will post below the links to peek at it, and then I will move on to a free art set I just made and I after that wanted to note something about Christianity.

OOP:TOFS On Game Jolt


Feel free to follow the games on either site to receive a notification when the game becomes released.

Imaginary Drum Roll?

Presenting the “Soft Look Art Set”. Picture 1 is a Kaleidoscope made from a photo of a town, picture 2 is a zoom in showing some of the art available in the Kaleide, and picture 3 is a wall scroll of it.

I havent done much on WLTOP the last few days and thought I would check in and contribute something so please enjoy the free art set.

Now something that was thought of a few days ago that I had not yet put onto here yet had considered too.

Christianity is a practice based upon Judaism and further earlier, Canaanism.

What was Jesus involved with largely throughout the New Testament?

Doing good deeds.

We can say that, if anything, Christianity is a religion based upon structuring a person to be a embracer of what good is.

In a verse from him, he says, in simplified form here, that the law is important and or good, basically having said he was not against it but for it.

A lot of people can get attached to that.

But what is important in considering what he meant, was his passion for talking goodly about ancestors.

To bridge onto Jesuses teaching of embracing laws, rulings, and ancestry, we can consider just what would someone like him consider as good of all that?

Well I have read the bible many times and it is obvious the love that is shared.

If I have any opinion on it, I would say the commandments of our Oldest Parents are meant to help us be happy and prosper, as the good LORD says.

I read that Jesus said “Love thy Neighbour as thyself” was an important commandment.

I like that, and also it is good for us to remember “Honor thy Parents”, which for us here at WLTOP, we focus a lot on honoring our Oldest Parents, but also noted is to be good to any of our family as we can.

I hope you enjoyed the free art, the emotional support, and the sneak peek at the free game I am trying to make.

Here is how the in-development game is doing on twitter

443 people are connected to it, honestly, mostly from refollows, but hey if when the game is released it gets played and enjoyed, I am happy, it is meant to be a contribution from me back to our all family.

I still want to add a Jehova(h) prayer section to the library of prayer art, possibly soon.

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