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OOP:TOFS and A Prayer (Game Update)

I have been on wait for near a week in trying to get help on the RPG Maker MV forums for plugin compatibility.

Basically, I was trying to mix a plugin that displays exp gained per action as a popup with a plugin that moves the heroes to the right side of the battle.

The two conflicted and after not getting help for near a week I am disabling the exp popup plugin unless in the future I get help with it. There will still be a hero level up message.

I did add a new battle interface plugin that displays character portraits and action icons, it looks very attractive, and that mixed with keeping the plugin that moves the heroes to a more visual appealing place is doing good so far.

Here is a sneak peek at how that looks, I know the monsters are too close together, I plan to visually align enemies probably after I finish the story.

I am due for some rest soon, but I do plant to start doing more with the game now that I feel getting help on the forums for the plugin mix problem is a bit of a lost cause.

I will try to do some new stuff with WLTOP probably tonight, I think adding more Jehova(h) prayer art would be fun.

I do enjoy making prayers for the family, but I have one for myself that I would enjoy sharing with you here also for the Oldest to obtain, and it is to the Oldest Parents, Including our LORD.

Dear Oldest Parents,

Dear LORD,

I am having a bit difficult time in my life.

I struggled with depression and loneliness.

I am getting help from some very nice people however I still feel your help is also important.

The Good LORD says he wants to prosper me, and honestly, I feel a bit early into a long wait for that to really make me happy.

I don’t have a lot of hope left in some areas.

I will put in my effort to continue to get help and improve but having you ancestors care for me is something I am really holding onto.

I am in a situation where large amounts of forcefulness have been placed upon me, and well, some of it isn’t exactly in agreement with what you have bestowed upon us.

I want to obey your commands and structure, so please make it easy.

I am not desirous to do wrong, instead I have a strong passion to make you happy and to do good.

A lot of what’s been happening recently disagrees even with the commandments (LORD’s and Yours).

I have been feeling a bit damaged so much that I kind of lack self-esteem.

Starting small at emotional recovery for me is with something I am fancying.

I have decided to religiously devote myself to the Old Order of Marriage, making myself a Monk of the Oldest Parents, and to seek marriage with my Creator Intended marital partner.

I don’t want to marry in fornication, and have been pressured to do so.

I would appreciate it if you could become involved.

This specific cause is depending my entire future.

Obeying you Oldest Ancestors, feels like a gift, it makes me happy and you happy, a shared gift is the best kind.

Please reach out to myself and cause me to do what you judge.

Set me to success.

I love you, and as long as I have known, have loved you, my feelings for all of our family are based upon love, as a young family member that is as such, easiness, is truly a blessing.

Thank you very much, ancestors.

Well family, I hope it was okay to make a selfish prayer this time, I am probably gonna get some rest but as I mentioned earlier, tonight I will probably do a bit more with the game and Jehova(h) prayers.

The game is possibly simply considered like every major category of video game, but something to notice is it is not similar to most video games.

The story is based upon our Oldest Parents, all popular religions, and religious history.

While it has fantasy art style, the story itself, is very much related to WLTOP.

I am also planning to include some very honorable moments to the LORD in the game, I currently have a few plan notes but will edit as I go based upon feelings of trying to do something fun yet kind.

Have a great Sunday everyone.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love ❤

LORD I admit it must be difficult for you also sometimes, getting attached to friendship with you, I question if that is even fair for you, being already so busy and not having very much easiness, I can say you deserve the best, we are family, and you are a lot of fun, if there is anything you ever need my help with, I think you already know, for you, and people in this family, I try to do as much good deeds as I can, I will try to keep that in heart, so that even despite these difficulties, I don’t become calloused in emotion to desire to help people that I should and do, love.

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