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New Jehova(h) Prayers (Update)

Well its night here and as I mentioned in the last post I wanted to try and add some new Jehova(h) prayers.

I searched for Jehova(h) quotes and got inspired to make some.

So presenting to you dear WLTOP’ers, 2 new Cell Phone Desktop Backgrounds, and 2 new PC Desktop Backgrounds of Jehova(h) prayer art.

Its in the Jehova prayer art section of our menu but just to make it easy on you I will also post them below.

PC Sizes

Cell Phone Sizes

Cute and fancy, I hope you like them.

Well Dear Jehova, your friends wish you happiness, even here at WLTOP.

I hope everyone has a great week and cheers to our club growing.

❤ A Joke: Why can’t we turn grass into marshmallows?
Because they would be too similar to boogers ❤

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