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A Great Protection (A Thanks Update)

Okay so you may have noticed on some of our pages and even blog posts I have had to label them with freedom to speech and freedom to religion to prevent any grumpiness.

I joke, but to be honest it feels good to share mention of such great blessings

So it has become seeming a bit repetitive and clutterful to place it in the spots I have and I was seeking something easier and more visually appealing.

I have a very pleasant surprise for you family.

We have a new footer to our WLTOP site and it is beautiful.

Here I will supply a screenshot of what it looks like.

That should now display at the bottom of every page of our good old (Kinda new) We Love The Oldest Parents fan club.

This is great news for making our site more beautiful but also, now I can start removing the old clutter of the big space taken previous text notes.

I hope this touches your emotions that our family loves us enough to bless us this way, I know I am feeling it.

The screenshots good and all but scroll down to the bottom of our site and give it a peek if you want.

Thanks for visiting and contributing to loving our ancestors.

❤ Love Our Life ❤

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