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OOP:TOFS EXP (Updates)

After a week of waiting on the RPG Maker MV forums I finally was able to get some help with the plugin mix error.

A very nice individual helped me and I am currently waiting to see if he will let me credit him on the games credit list page.

What does this mean?

In basics, Our Oldest Parents: The One Family Story was planned to have a during battle exp gain system instead of exp gain at the end of battle.

This would allow the characters to level up mid battle, becoming stronger to continue the fight.

2 of the plugins I was using were not being completely compatible with each other.

The exp gain amount would popup on a character, but it would start from behind the character blocking the exp text.

Well we got a new plugin to replace one of the two and now it functions properly.

Let me show you a screenshot of it.

Neat right?

I am hoping for great things from this game.

Currently as of today I just finished Doena Town and the Zoroastrianism Shrine.

That puts the games story development at 9 of 13 shrines completed.

What we have left is Canaanism, Judaism, Christianity, and then the last shrine will be an Oldest Parents shrine.

Here is some more sneak peeks, click to enlarge.

I am putting a lot of emotion and knowledge into this game.

It is meant to be educational and fun for the players, and honorable to our ancestors.

Here is a list of the religions and there shrines that will be featured in the game.

Starter Oldest Parents


The Nothing and The Oldest Parents Shrine

I tried to put in all major religions (By Popularity).

If you want to stay on top of development progress, visit the game at below links.

Visit OOPTOFS On Game Jolt

Visit OOPTOFS On Itch.IO

Have a great Wednesday family.

❤ Thanks for reading, Much Love ❤

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