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Complimentary Ancestor Honor Song (YHWH)

So a few moments ago I was listening to the wind and was inspired to sing a praise song about our LORD.

What was attached to it though that is a little different was honor meant to be between the LORD (Yodh He Waw He) and the Nothing.

As we know everything began from Nothing and I was singing the song as if the LORD was a hero and best friend of the Nothing.

I don’t remember the exact words I sang but I remember some of it and the attitude.

I am going to try and share it here.

We don’t seem to do a lot of honoring upon or with the Nothing in our religions basics but please have patience with me as I connect our LORD to early history.

A Song For Yodh He Waw He and The Nothing Everything Began From

Oh the LORD is such a good friend to the Nothing,

A hero and a best friend is Yodh He Waw He,

His wisdom isnt short, his strength is strong and true,

He gets it from the Nothing that made me and you,

Freedom he contains, given to us and remains,

We love our family, it is what we do,

With such a Hero, nobility appears all,

and it is with thanks we give, something that came from a Nothing to you.

That is the attitude of the song I sang.

We get so often connected to the Oldest Parent as a living body, not often have we been focused upon the “Spacey Home” we live in.

So I thought I would connect an ancestor to that home, and try to do it lovingly.

I hope you all enjoyed the song family.

I am taking a short rest from developing OOP:TOFS as I am near the end of its story and I am trying to end it properly, so I need to consider how to entertain with that.

Maybe soon I will add some more Jehova Prayer Art.

❤ Have a Good Night Everyone. ❤

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