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The Best Kind Of Friendship (Art)

I made a new art for our ancestor appreciation.

Let me explain a bit about the basis of it.

It goes upon the old wisdom that our Creator can see and hear and know basically everything happening in his kingdom(s).

Science tries to reach some high qualities of skill but to ancient people they just referred to it as magic, power, divine, miracle, things such as that and similar.

A lot of situations cause worry nowadays yes?

Even if it’s simply prices in the market.

So, the art I am going to present to you is not one of those worries about “Best Behavior”, it is more meant to suggest the possibility of having a friendship connection with our (Your) Creator.

If our Creator can see all hear all and know all, the idea is that is the highest quality of best friend to have.

The more a friend knows about you, the easier it is to function together, especially as one whom is a capable leader, and the other is a new receiver of support.

So, to encourage us to remember that the Creator listens to us and watches us as a way to be a good Father to us and connect with us, I have this art for us. I hope you like it.

So, what’s this all mean?

Even at a distance you are building up a relationship with your Creator.

You are earning friendship credit and you are already family.

I will leave open for you to consider the rest (and best) of those possibilities.

❤ Have A Great Night Everyone ❤

(P.S. art is going to the oldest parents’ prayer art page, and deviant art)

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