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New Page (Update)

I have a decision I have been considering for a while.

As I mentioned in previous posts, I received a Tungsten Carbide ring from

It says We Love the Oldest Parents on it surrounded by hearts.

I bought it as a monk ring to enforce my pursuit of a Creator intended marriage.

What is involved with this is I paid for it using some cash and I still want to offer to do something worthy as thanks to the family for making available such a good gift.

Fact is, it is my favorite Item I have any memory of owning and they gave me an affordable price.

So, I made a new page which contains a note to our Creator and First Creation.

On the page is a short bio of what it is about and then there is also a prayer part which basically is me asking the Oldest Parents to in the future allot me some help and or guidance on a way to give our family a worthy gift as thanks for what they have contributed to me.

The ring symbolizes family at its highest quality form as well as loyalty to the Oldest Parents decisions.

The ring, the effort of situation I am making, the fact that family made this for me, and I so vastly love it, led me only feeling the choice to ask our Oldest Parents for ways to return thanks to everyone.

So, if you want to peek at the new page, it is in our menu under “You Are Family” and the page is called “Family Repayment Note”.

I only at this time have made a prayer upon it and do not know what gift I could give to everyone; however, I did curiously wonder if the Creator saves an allowance for Creations, and how that would possibly be a potential useable.

❤ A Joke:
My Ring Is Not Destroyable…Unless Diamonds Attack ❤

I was taught that Tungsten Carbide is near as resilient as diamonds.

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