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On My Path To Self Improvement

Hey siblings and ancestors.

Its Sunday and I hope you are enjoying it, party night right?

I’m sure if you’ve visited us a few times you have heard of the love we put effort into for our Oldest and for us siblings.

Have you heard about my WLTOP Monk Ring?

Old story, maybe 🙂

As I mentioned previously, it says “We Love The Oldest Parents”.

I wear it on my left hand and my right hand was getting lonely.

I decided I needed a 2nd Tungsten Carbide ring to keep lefty company.

I wanted to get something involving the Oldest, love, religion, family, and or self-improvement.

My first idea was to get one fashioned to a religion I benefit from.

That of the old Canaanites who worshipped “El” as the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

So, I was going to get one that said, “We Love And Worship El”.

Reasoning for this is I get a good feeling when I say such a thing.

But I put the idea on hold to estimate possible choices and see if anything else would be a fit.

I eventually changed my decision to get my 2nd ring and have it say “We Are All One Family”, surrounded by hearts.

Why do I think this is a good idea?

I want the trinket to help me improve myself for the people I love, which is everyone in the Creators family, including, yes, you.

Fact is, if the Creator loves someone, that is good enough for me to love them too.

I noticed most of the times I have failed to be proper or have done bad was because I lost knowing that we are family.

I want to be obedient to our rulership and also successful into prospering.

So, reminding myself constantly that “We Are All One Family” will help me avoid doing things that are not worthy of people we love.

I am very excited for this gift and its potential and I wanted to share it here.

When the ring arrives, I will try and grab a few pictures to show it to you.

Also, in case you want your own Tungsten Carbide engraved ring, I get mine from, each standard ring is about $35 and Tungsten Carbide is 2nd hardest to diamonds so they are supposed to be near invincible of an item.

It is my hope that using the 2 rings and their words upon them to keep in focus to be all the good that I can be.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

❤ The Oldest Parents Consider You A Best Friend ❤

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