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Mothers Day Soon

Hey dear family, siblings and ancestor(s).

I have been a bit preoccupied with getting a lot of rest due to my health not being exactly where I want it to be.

I noticed that because of that I have been a bit lacking in bringing anything new to you here.

So, I thought the holiday coming soon (May 8th) is a good opportunity for me to hop onto WLTOP and say something nice.

With Mothers Day being a great day to bring a great family member some loving words, a crafted or bought gift or any type of goodly appreciation, I tried to consider what I should apply here to WLTOP for you.

So, I think what I will do is since it is still early, I will promote a gift as a suggestible idea for you and then on the Holiday itself I will try to make a post for cheerfulness.

The gift idea I have for those of you that will accept such a suggestion is something I found while googling.

Take a look at the picture below. Click to enlarge.

Great yes?

That is a choice from 8 different styles of 5 pounds of honey available for near $20.

I am considering getting this for my Mother and I really am a bit emotionally attached to this product.

As a young child a lot of happiness came from the times, we had honey available, and I was allowed to have some.

It’s definitely okay to remember our Mothers were that age once too and probably had a similar experience.

Here below I will post a clickable link to get to the website and browse these available sweet treats.

Click Here To Pick A 5 Pound Honey Bottle

Thank you for offering us a fair price and a high quality gift, feeding family is always a loving thing to do.

I am currently through wanting to buy one, a fan of the “all natural” choice.

Good luck with your Mother appreciation May 8th.

❤ WLTOP is for loving our Oldest, also for them loving you ❤

(P.S. on the page it says “Buy In Lots Of 6” I read the tooltip and it says if you do that you get a discount)

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