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New Prayer Art Background

Hi family, haven’t done much in a while, wanted to share something.

To add to our collection of loving prayers mixed with art I did another Canaanism prayer background.

I feel a lot of love from that religion because its connected to Judaism and Christianity.

This ones fit to be a cell phone background and it is a reminder that the Creator of Heaven and Earth is our friend.

Here it is, Click To Enlarge.

I am trying to make sure each popular religion has a good comfortable amount of prayer art available to us fans and I can make more, so please, if there is something you want added, I recommend giving a comment on any of your requests or suggestions.

Lots of love to ya family, keep on being fun.

❤ The Creator Wanted Us, So We Are ❤

P.S. I will put this prayer on our Deviant Art which can be found in our menu under social. Our Deviant Art has a large amount of prayer arts from different religions available for use as either cell phone wall papers or desktop computer wall papers.

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