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Fun Poetry

Hello Siblings and Oldest.

I have been away from WLTOP a week or so and thought I could come back to making us glad with some poetry.

I hope you are all doing good and at WLTOP even while I am not blog posting the love continues amongst our library of prayer art and religious selection.

In times of slow posts feel free to browse the menu in things you have not yet read.

I call this poem, “Bringing Together Family”.

Life is as such, that we want and we need,

But what happens to one that can bring more?

A family for our Oldest, told in charm of lore,

The desire to befriend, such a high quality happiness,

To make it possible, planning would be done,

Of all things expected, the most successful, was fun.

I know its a short poem this time friends but I still love it.

Keeping you in prayers family, also, I hope for whatever religion it is suits you best, you found some nice prayer art from WLTOP that you enjoyed.

Have a great week.

P.S. I will put this poem on our account which can be found in our menu

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