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A Proud Month (Free Art)

This month is Pride Month and also holds within it Fathers Day.

I know its not Fathers Day yet, thats on the 19th, but to celebrate a little I have got some free cell phone wall paper art for you that I just made using a screenshot from a new smart phone MMORPG called “Pixil Online”.

I am enjoying the game, rounding at about level 20 on my wizard, the game features game boy advance style graphics, cute attributes, and endless potential of becoming stronger.

If you like video games on your phone I suggest playing it.

Now onwards to the fun art I made for us.

Here it is below.

It is a art fitting in with Pride Month.

Well I know I havent done much recently other than this so I will try and touch connection with our club again before Fathers Day.

Probably more prayer art and/or a poem.

Oh also, dear LORD you are invited to view our Fathers Day post this month, crafting some kind of Fathers Day present from the club to you seems efficient in communication and art form, we would enjoy sharing the holiday with you.

Thats all for now family, I hope you go find Pixil Online MMORPG, its free.

P.S. The art will be added to our Deviant Art account and also Pinterest.

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