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Honor Thy Father(s) Day Month (Update)

Okay family its pride and fathers day month so I did an update and will possibly be doing a string of updates attached to it this month.

A while ago I made a prayer certificate for WLTOP to ask the Oldest Parent(s) to be our savior.

Basically there is no higher quality savior than our Oldest Parent, right? For sure and easily.

I later branched upon that idea that since I did not know if our LORD was certainly the Oldest Parent in our all family or not, I would lovingly make one for him.

It seems to be a good idea; the bible includes enmity after enmity, and I like to help and protect the people I love (Everyone).

So that led me to make one of the certificates for him (I also earlier had made one for myself and placed a unsigned version on our site for anyone who wants to befriend the Oldest Parent(s) in this way).

Now to what the update contains.

Since it is Pride Month and Fathers Day Month I got inclined to update that section of our website with some new religious father figures whom I (admittedly as no expert) know whether or not they are the Oldest Parent, you see for me the pursuit of religion is full of mystery and difficulty in finding an easy answer.

I could ask two people what the name is of the Oldest Parent and get different answers.

So for the sake of all of this unknown WLTOP will be playing it safe and trying to make the most efficient choices in worship, love, and benefit.

That is why our “Protecting The LORD” page in our Menu under “Bohemian Grove” now has included in it many other religious parents and notable people whom I took the initiative to ask our Oldest Parents to protect the selected religious figures, because of my and sibling love for them.

For example, in this update Hades and Zeus have a prayer certificate for our Oldest Parent to be their savior (If there is an older ancestor than Hades or Zeus).

I hope this is not such as overwhelming or too weird, but I am having fun with it and because I love our all family doing this good deed feels clean and honest.

For example, I watched the Hercules cartoon from Disney as a child and was totally a fan of Hades, because of my love for religious deities (Such as Hades, from the Roman religion I believe) I felt it was no difficulty too big to include them in WLTOP this way, especially on Fathers Day Month.

Throughout this month I will possibly be doing a bit of searching to learn more about religious importance family members and will try to include some more of them to our list.

Now its possible your curious “Is it totally okay to sign a certificate for such an ancestor”?

The idea is, here in America, the USA, our law is based upon creation equality.

As a child my parents were allowed to sign for me and based upon that, I am accepting it is in equal return allowable for me to sign a prayer for my parents (Ancestors, even if distantly ancestral).

The prayer certificates do no degradation and only offer benefit so no enmity is needed to be measured, and also, as you could guess, these were made with love.

Also in the 10 commandments, we find Honor thy Parents as a command.

To that I estimate praying for ancestors, to benefit from our Oldest Parent, is allowable.

So if you have some free time and want a peek go over to the menu and find “Bohemian Grove” then “Protecting the LORD”, you can find the list of prayer certificates there.

For an unsigned one if you want to sign your own, I will include it also here below for anyone who is courageous enough to ask the Oldest Parent to be their Savior (and Best Friend).

These are the things WLTOP is for, love, worship, and kindness.

Here is the unsigned certificate below, for those who want it.

For any family reading this, WLTOP was thinking of you 🙂

P.S. As mentioned, expect for me to add a bit more of these this month thanks to Fathers Day and Pride Month. I was thinking of how much I like you LORD when I started this section.

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