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OOP:TOFS Status (Update)

Hi family, as you may have noticed, a while ago I had to put a halt on OOP:TOFS.

For a while I was able to donate 1-4 hours at some days on it.

But my schizophrenia got so difficult I didn’t feel comfortable continuing, also my physical health was a bit stressed.

So unfortunately, I added the dreaded “On Halt” message to its game pages and here on our club site.

Today I had a good morning, a bit thanks to a big cup of coffee and I dragged my confidence into a quality of “Just try it”, so I did something.

For months I have been trying to figure how to incorporate Caananism, Judaism, and Christianity in the games story and also with it, fan club mention the LORD but be honorable.

I finally decided it best to condense all 3 religious’ shrines in the games story into one “Bible Shrine”.

So I have today as of now, completed the basic parts that needed to be done for this step to finish the town and shrine mountain of the “Bible Shrine” and “Tehpare Town”.

Here are some screenshots. Click to enlarge.

This leaves our OOP:TOFS story with a single end shrine story area left.

Completing that will be a huge step in a process that has lasted me a year and helped me become friendly with plugin developers who assisted in the making of this game by supplying me with plugins for it, including even a special custom one from CompanionWulf who was quite kind to us.

That is speaking of the “Social Media Buttons plugin” which adds buttons to the games main menu starting page that the player can click to go to our website or something such as twitter or facebook.

When the game is released (Hopefully, schizophrenia be gentle) you will be able to use the credits menu to see the many tens of developers who contributed to Our Oldest Parents: The One Family Story.

A lot of that is due to a popular RPG Maker MV active community but as mentioned, some of it was direct help through somethings such as Discord.

I don’t know how soon if even that I will be able to finish OOP:TOFS because my schizophrenia is not a knowable tomorrow, some days I have easiness and other days I cant get anything done.

My passion however is to make this fun family friendly free religious game and contribute it to our WLTOP library.

If I can get the story done that leaves only 2 major things to do.

Balance combat related features such as monsters, classes, items, equipment, loot, and bosses.

Also, to add extra decoration to the maps.

Mostly the towns have a good supply of decorations however the battle related adventures to the religious shrines will need a little extra beauty as I mostly did the walkable area pathing and the shrines themselves leaving certain areas looking a bit empty.

Its Father’s Day month and Pride month and I would be proud to be able to eventually donate this game to players.

Wish or pray for me the best if you want.

Also, on a directly WLTOP related note I added a few more ancestors to the update I mentioned last on our prayer certificate page inspired by “Protecting the LORD”.

With WLTOP choosing sides isn’t efficient, so there are a few family members with certificates who in as an example the bible was a bit grumpy with each other, but with WLTOP we set that aside and try to love each other.

If our Oldest Loves them, it is good enough for us to love them, yes?

Again, happy Parents’ Day month and pride month, I am still planning to make a nice post on Father’s Day.

❤ Thanks for reading, much love ❤

P.S. In the screenshot of Tehpare Mountain where the Bible Shrine is located I noticed an error, it said Doena Mountain, I have corrected the typo in the game.

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