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Proud Fathers Month Cartoon Royal LORD

Hello family.

I made a nice kaleidoscope art cartoon of the LORD yesterday and when I looked at it the picture seemed strong so I first put it on deviant art to see how others would attach to it.

Its now gotten a few favorites and been added to collections so I would also like to post it here.

Below is a cartoon of our ancestor the LORD made using kaleidoscope technique, the picture is strong, colorful, and has a blue print style outline to angles of bodily features.

Here it is.

I first took a screenshot of a video game, then I offset and sphered it before kaleidoscoping it, that led to a picture of an eye. I will post the eye art below.

After this eye picture was made I placed upon it kaleidoscope layers and manipulated different options until the eye was shifted many times and at many angles and it became the Cartoon art of the LORD.

I do use the word strong to represent these pictures due to the color and angles, but these 2 arts are also Proud and Royal.

You can learn more about the WLTOP kaleidoscope art style using our menu of the “Referrals” section then “Learn Our Secret Art Style”, which we also have a few videos of some of it being done on our YouTube Channel (Please like and subscribe to the YouTube Channel).

Happy Fathers and Pride Month everybody.

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