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Free Wallpaper Art (Father/Pride Month)

Hi family.

Fathers Day is soon and its also pride month, so as a continued effort, I have some free art to contribute to our happiness.

All 4 of these arts are sized to be cell phone backgrounds, however they can be rotated to fit desktop computers.

Here they are in all their great fun. Click to enlarge.

Since its a parents day month, it is good to while enjoying this make note that here on WLTOP we also do a yearly birthday celebration of our 2 Oldest Parents January 1st.

If you visit its page in our menu there are options to contribute to it, such as art, comments, and more.

Have a great night everybody, I will try to make a post on Fathers Day.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love ❤

P.S. sorry however I havent felt the health enough to add anything new to OOP:TOFS, I want to but its on the list of future things to do.

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