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Today I Learned a Little

I am not normally involved with politics.

I spend more time researching religions trying to learn who and what I am.

I would call it an adventure towards learning more about our ancestors while I am currently not completely knowing even some basic things.

I doubt it is a flaw in my self, I instead have trust that it is a part of our kind ancestors plan, a plan to prosper us.

Embarrassed however is something that happens to me, being someone who has memory loss and also being so efforted into perfection, there have been times I considered many options and possibilities.

Today I received an email from what is called the ACLJ.

They are a legal group trying to ban abortion and they also help protect lives of American citizens.

I normally try to help any good causes from them that I can, and today it led me to bond a little with a president.

When I first read the email to sign a petition, I didn’t know what a “New Green Deal” was.

After a bit of searching I learned a little that it promotes equality across our family, involves energy production, climate management, including plants.

While reading these learnings I saw a picture of our American President Mr. Joe Biden, whom I had previously been a small fan of.

After learning more about what he is putting effort into with the “New Green Deal”, I am both impressed and starting to like his goals even more.

My main part into that is food sources and starving families.

Based upon what I obtained from reading upon this Green Deal topic, it could possibly in the long amount of time instead of in a short amount of time, cause our situation of poverty to be less harsh.

More clean energy and growing of crops is what I comprehend.

Everybody in my guess, has been hungry at some time.

I have spent many nights considering our all family, how much I love them, and how unhappy I am that some are starving, and/or homeless.

I am no expert on politics.

But two things are in my today, I am gaining more liking of Mr. Joe Biden, and it is because of the hope this lesson gave me.

So I thank his team and their efforts.

I am glad I learned such a hopeful success possibility on pride and parents month.

I am no expert on leading, however, if I am good at following, what I could share as my own experience with you, is that I am trying to trust our leaders will be successful, and also to have patience.

So what I will end my short story of what I learned today with.

Is that I am proud of the American President Mr. Joe Biden, and his team.

Also, I don’t know what political party I actually fit into family; I am also a fan of Mr. Donald Trump.

If you want a slightly goofy honesty from me, the most ideal politics I can comprehend, is the Creator as king.

I am very simple, but even such a simple idea is one of my favorite considerations.

Pride Month, and Fathers Day Month, 2022, its been a fun month this far, and tomorrow is Fathers Day.

Happy Holiday Month Everyone.

Still lacking the health to do more OOP:TOFS designing, its gotten a huge list of hopeful fans on Game Jolt, Facebook, and Twitter.

I do think I can eventually finish it and donate it (Free Game), but it will probably be slow till finish.

If you don’t know what OOP:TOFS is, you can preview it in our menu.

I mentioned trust, and I am trusting you Oldest Parents with all the good I have as prayers, I know you will do whatever is best for your awesome family. Proud of you.

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