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Happy Father’s Day Family.

You are alive.

Sounds a bit over noticed possibly but let’s take a few moments to consider some things.

You may have possibly lived years, many, but did you have a start? Yes?

To be fashioned together in a way that the parts of a life can begin to live is quite a miracle.

So, on this Pride and Parents Day month, I am thankful for the starting of this all family, by our Oldest.

I would like to take this 2022 A.D. holiday season to say a few thank you’s.

Dear El, thank you for starting a very adventurous story.

Dear Lord, thank you for considering your descendants friends.

Dear Cain, thanks to you, that city got built, and even if you are not the Oldest Parent, you truly are the good qualities of a Father.

Dear Adam, Thanks for being courageous.

Dear Oldest Parent, thank you for giving us a fair chance.

To all of my ancestors, to all of your ancestors, cheers to your family being the luckiest bunch of kiddos thanks to you.

To the siblings, it is easy to admit, that based upon the evidence and having invested in the effort to cause us to live, your Father(s) love you eternally.


Nope you’re a permanent part of this family, no hug can squish you out of it 🙂

Have a great Father’s Day everyone, Much Love.

Found a news article about stone carvings discovered in the woods, I will share the link below and a picture of one of the carvings that I estimate looks similar to our ancestor the LORD (Very Healthy Appearance).

Click Here To See The Article

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