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Gamers And The Oldest (Kings Road RPG)

Hi family, I was playing a phone mmorpg a few moments ago that I became fond of and thought of something I could share here.

The what had become very popular RPG “Kings Road” is closing.

A lot of our video game entertainment, especially online RPG’s have closed up shop, possibly from lack of economy or maybe even hurt feelings during support?

The reason I am mentioning this game, one of my favorites here, is because it, like a handful of video games on our entertainment market, had a bearing of the Oldest.

The game was titled “Kings Road” and while our governments have the structures, I and possibly others when they consider it notice that our Oldest Parent is and was the first King, yes?

So, mentioning it here I just wanted to share some WLTOP love with the staff and players of “Kings Road” to say thank you for a few years of family quality entertainment that brought happiness to a lot of people.

At WLTOP it can be appreciated that with your game you chose to please us with entitling it after our Oldest Parents legacy to give us descendants something to play with.

Cheers Kings Road for teaching people skills, and also for making your family happy (We are all one family).

❤ Good Bye Kings Road RPG, Lots Of Love To You ❤

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