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More Than Nothing Theory (Update)

Hi family.

Our menu got an update, and it’s a science meets magic topic.

If you are a fan of evolution, equality, the unknown, mystery, the Nothing, aliens, or even simply our Oldest, this may possibly be fun for you.

Under “Worship” in our menu we can find a new page all about a theory.

A theory that looks at evidence that our Oldest Known Parent has Unknown higher age ancestry.

The theory uses a mix of study upon the Nothing and teleportation, seeking to explain how it is possible that because our Creator has not yet invented teleportation, yet evidence of teleportation being possible has been found, is partial proof that higher age ancestry has potential to actually be findable some time in our future.

I did mention if you like aliens you would like the topic, yes?

I did my best to make the new page honorable and comprehendible, including fun, excitement, with as much simplicity for reading as possible.

As it’s a sensitive topic I mentioned that no offense is meant upon anyone and it is simply a cheerleading attempt made to support our family, especially our Oldest and their desires.

Once again, the page is under “Worship” and it is titled “The More Than Nothing Theory”, go have a read at it if you want some excitement in your life.

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