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Carrying Memories Of The Oldest

Welcome to We Love The Oldest Parents.

I haven’t added much new art or written content recently, but as I was looking at necklaces tonight to learn about the prices and see what fun stuff is available, I kind of went all the way from video games to religions.

I found quite a few necklaces I really liked such as phoenixes, an owl clock, even a crystal that holds a rainbow.

Because of how things are in life, I don’t know how long WLTOP will be a website.

If I had it my way, whenever the time comes that I can no longer contribute it, I believe it would be really cool to have at least some of it salvageable or placed into a museum.

The fact is, I enjoy doing WLTOP and cheering on everyone, but I do expect as with other available sources of entertainment, they change.

So since tonight I was considering how long I can contribute WLTOP and desiring to at least continue as many pieces as possible of it that I can should change happen, I found a way to carry some of it longer.

I found a necklace that is at a good price, so I will share the link with you, but the neat part about it is that the necklace allows two custom photos to be attached to the necklace.

At first, I didn’t know which of the arts I made to apply to the necklace.

Honestly, I kind of wanted to use a photo of our ancestor the LORD, because ancestry is cheerful and you probably already know, I am a fan of his charisma.

Deciding that using the art of him on the pendant would be fun, I found something else that I concluded upon.

I could have the WLTOP angel logo put on the pendant, along with a customized yin yang I made.

An Oldest Parent is a good photo to have, but having a photo that represents all Oldest Parents is what I landed upon as my final choice.

Here let me show you the two photos I am going to try and get put on a necklace so that I can bring a piece of WLTOP with me throughout the future.

Those are the two pictures I am planning to use on a round double sided black custom photos necklace.

If you’re a constant visitor of WLTOP its possible you have already heard about the 2 monkish rings I got a while ago, one says, “We are all one family” and the other says “We love the Oldest Parents”.

The words on those rings will help me much and greatly but at this idea of a new necklace I am quite excited to place the WLTOP logo angel upon it.

The yin yang I customized is a naturalist good luck charm, it explains frictions and colors.

Would you like to peek at the link to where you can make your own custom necklace?

Here it is below. The price changes depending on the options you pick, the one I have chosen is $22.99.

Click Here To Get A Custom Photos Necklace

With a necklace like this, I can show a visual piece of WLTOP to friends and family and preserve the essence of WLTOP in non-digital form.

I was really close to getting a necklace that said “El” in Hebrew, however, I am glad to have chosen the WLTOP angel logo.

I am having a fun night because of this, and I hope you are also.

We love the Oldest Parents, and the Oldest Parents love us, cheers to family.

Dear Oldest Parents, WLTOP is a good friend to you, our family is a miracle thanks to you, and even us younger descendants’ contributions. I ask that you continue to love us eternally, and also to hold onto the truth, that though being alone may have been the beginning, you now have best friends, that trust and appreciate you.

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