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The Need For Love (I Learned)

Hi family, I have something to share with you about my learnings of love from within our family.

The words “I dont love you” and “you never loved me” are based upon quite an emotional degradation upon anyone who considers love of value.

I have had difficulty myself feeling loved at times of anger from either myself or my friend, or both together.

I know life properly enough to know that a need for love and a feeling of not being loved are a part of what our history as a living family has become.

I also have had times when I needed to be told that anyone loves me and had been left to build myself back up instead of receiving help from anyone.

That difficult moment, that had repeated itself through my life, of needing a helping friend and being left at a considerable loneliness taught me something valuable.

It taught me that our ancestor the Oldest Parent, due to having begun this family alone had already experienced moments of needing love and a friend and considering that lack of availability, and it also taught me to put effort into making it so that what loneliness our Oldest ancestor went through, would happen either less or not at all to their family.

So for anyone who can hear this, you are loved, and if you have heard or ever hear the words “I dont love you”, consider that our Oldest Parent thought no life loved them, however history has proven, even the loneliest family member, will be loved in the future.

Is that why we have a deep passion for our futures?


But so, you don’t have to do all the waiting for such a uneasy to measure waiting.

I am a family member, a descendant of the Oldest Ancestor, a sibling by numbers, and I will say here on our Oldest Parents meeting place, I do love you and you are family.

To add more comfort to anyone who has been hurt by lack of love, the Oldest Parents love you, and you loving yourself will lead you to the future where you get what you want and need.

Consider that as a surety.

If you need to, reread that last sentence, and look at the photo.
To anyone sad, I wish you the best.

The 4th of July is near, don’t forget to eat a snack and do something less boring than normal, you deserve it.

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