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Learning Independence (Our Oldest)

Hi family, Independence Day is close, and I thought of something.

Our Oldest Parent began life alone, what a unique independence yes?

While we all celebrate being able to have freedoms and the capability to thrive in this family, whether when were alone and also together, just what exactly was independence like in the beginning?

We know family is important to our ancestor the Creator.

Imagine starting to live in space and having to learn how to use what is found to benefit one self.

It must have been quite the exciting moments, whether some of them filled with worry or even fun.

But being alone after so many years led to us descendants because we are quite the treasure, yay us.

Honoring independence, and our Oldest, here on WLTOP, since Independence Day is only a few days away, I leave here a fun note for us to enjoy.

Consider the freedom of being alone and consider self-love becoming family love.

The idea is, when there is such a big emotion of love, what a miracle it truly is to share it.

For our Oldest Parent, who originally loved themself, now has other family who can add to the proof that his emotion was worthy of such a friendly and kind ancestor.

When we need strength in our independence, leaning upon the fact that our Oldest ancestor did it and was successful even until today, having even advanced the benefits to higher potential, we can say thank you Oldest Parent for the time you were alone, you built up love and knowledge, and that led to us descendants being your best friends.

Have a great Independence Day everyone.

Dear Oldest Parents,
Thank you for allowing us to have both independences and also family.
Asking you to hear that we fan of you are impressed greatly by your legacy of self-improvement and making the huge decision to not be alone.
Saying you are a hero is honest, you saved this family in so many ways, and calling you friend is an honor.
As we celebrate Independence Day, please notice, everyone loves you.

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