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Composition Or Relation (My Adventure)(Updated)

Hi family, got a deep emotional moment tonight about the adventure I have been on and I wanted to share my progress with you.

I will put it simply.

I am searching to find the answer whether my creator and ancestors name is “God” or “El”.

In america where I live, they tell me “God” but I traced the book of God back through history using some of my searching capabilities and I was told “El” was the creator of heaven and earth.

Now what further does this mean?

I am called David and I feel that it is not fitting me.

In the bible it said “My servant David is always blessed” and now I cant even find that verse anymore (Different bible versions?).

So heres the thing.

Earlier months ago, I considered these things and thought, I would try and pick a name after each ancestor name and see what I liked and would fit.

I would then need to actually know which name my ancestor uses for themself.

I came up with renaming myself Alu after El or Agadod after God.

Alu would mean descendant of El and Agadod would mean descendant of God.

I thought a bit more about it after leaning towards thinking El created Heaven and Earth back to believing it possible God created heaven and earth and I found a more fitting and very thankfully easier name than Agadod.

What about, Nod?

The hillarious part about this is my current name is David and Nod would be close to “No D or No David or Not David”.

I find that quite entertaining.

So to make peace with El or God, I dont exactly know which you call yourself my ancestor, but I have 2 choices available that I am a big fan of both and the thing is each is only 3 letters which is great because I am a very simple descendant, especially since I am 1% your age.

Nod? Me? Alu? Me? Both are beautiful choices upon a fit for myself, now I just need to get the help on this branch in my life that I do expect will come from the LORD, which is a title not a name, right? Hint Hint Wink Wink? 🙂

I am a bit immature but I am young as I mentioned so tolerate me please.

The curious possibility about potential with us having so many religions and me barely feeling sure about them due to so many is that I do even consider what if the creator is named something different than God or El.

For my sake I am hoping the future of this search is easy.

Me… a Nod or Alu, who would have thought hmm?

Well I wish you all the best, it is independence month so me depending on myself to try and find a fitting name for myself is in good timing.

It is kind of a self repair thing.

I noticed my name is too difficult on me and I have been trying to find a solution to the problem for many years, rather wander filled as so.

I will try and add some family prayers or art on the 4th, have a good day everyone.

I just made the below art to help me be excited about possibly being successful.

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