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A Holiday Prayer (For The Family)

Hi family, it’s the holiday of celebrating Independence.

Both being dependent on our self, and each other.

So how about a fun prayer considering both?

Dear Oldest Parents,

Living in your kingdom,

We cannot prosper lacking your blessings,

We could not cause ourselves to live,

Instead, it was thanks to you,

Trying to have our freedoms of a little ownership and space to consider ourselves safe in has taught us many difficult lessons,

We have also though known many joys thanks to our branching at a distance from you and trying to prove to you that you created a success, which also we know you know,

The truth of our independence is we keep trading back and forth in talks of which of us is old and young,

But the fact is, all of us descendants in this place are a rounded 1% your age,

The sooner we agree to that truth the more we can realize we need you,

In that, hopefully to admit that to you and embrace your acceptance,

The good things that we can suggest that have come from this distant area of your kingdom are the friendships we have known,

Many heroes even have risen to shield, heal, or save those in danger,

For someone 1% your age to be a hero is a miracle.

That is what I have to say on this holiday, of our Independence.

Have a good time everyone, and Oldest Parents, please be proud of the siblings.

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